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Accident - jpaz - 10-16-2018

Well, it finally happened got into an acccident with my 72 Q code Mach 1. Trying to avoid getting rear ended and I lost control and went straight into a telephone pole. Ouch, it really hurt. I’m banged up a bit, but ok. The car is hurt much worse though. 
It’s insured through Hagerty and I have an agreed value of 30k. If they total it I would get the 30k minus 500 deductible. I’m really bummed and not sure what to do.
I don’t know how to do body work, I’m good with the mechanics but not the body.
I paid 24k for it and I put a few thousand into it, so I think if the total it I might have to take it. I don’t think I could get that much if I had sold it before I got in the accident.
I have another forum member tha lives real close and he’s going to come over to check it out. He restored his 71 Mach 1 and knows a lot about the body stuff. Here’s the awful pics. Let me know what you guys think,  Thanks, John

RE: Accident - 73pony - 10-16-2018

Damn. That's bad. Glad you are OK. Sorry about the car.

RE: Accident - JD79 - 10-16-2018

Good to read that you don’t have severe injuries! I saw a photo of your car on Facebook a couple of days ago as well when it was wrapped around a pole... Good luck with the restoration or finding a new one.

RE: Accident - Fabrice - 10-16-2018

Oh man this could have ended pretty bad. Glad you are ok.

RE: Accident - OMS - 10-16-2018

John, glad you are OK
Sorry about your car

RE: Accident - eddyw - 10-16-2018

Glad you are OK. Sorry about the nice Mustang.

RE: Accident - bkdunha - 10-16-2018

If you want to save it consider a front clip for it.  Find a solid coupe somewhere and cut the front clip.  If you take it into a shop to have this done (which I recommend) make sure they have a frame table or mustang body jig to make sure it is attached and aligned properly.  I definitely think it is worth saving.  You could go with new panels if you prefer just more $$


RE: Accident - Vinnie - 10-16-2018

Oh nooo, I saw the photo on facebook and some of the comments were just awful I thought. Glad to read you're OK! Personally I'd want to save it. Surely it starts to look better after you peel the replacable items off already. And grabbing parts from a scrapped 72 sounds like a plan.

Won't the insurance pay for repairs? might be cheaper than 30K?

Good luck!

RE: Accident - 73pony - 10-16-2018

If the insurance company does decide to total it, I would suggest working out a deal to take slightly less than the 30K and keep the car with clean title. I believe this is allowed in MI. It isn't in some states.

RE: Accident - bkdunha - 10-16-2018

Here is the photo from the Facebook page.  I promise I do not mean to add salt to fresh wounds/aches.  Just thought it would share with others the degree of impact you sustained.