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2 New VIPs! - rocketfoot - 09-24-2018

As you know, you can occasionally see 'Pay it Forward' posts around the forums where someone has an item listed for free but the recipient is expected to basically do something nice for the 'next guy' in return for receiving the free item.  Sometimes they give something of their own away or in some cases they make a donation to the forums!  Over the weekend we had a donation in the form of 2 VIP Memberships come through from TheRktmn!  This was a result of Goodnigh sending him an item and requesting a forum donation.  TheRktmn stepped up and paid it forward with a VIP Membership for Stanglover AND Not A T5!! 

This is what really makes this forum a great place...you guys are helpful and generous in supporting and encouraging the Mustang Hobby! 

As always, I thank you for the donations and I am humbled by the show of support that happens o often around here!  You guys make the forums great...the forum is just the place where the magic really happens!!

So again...a BIG THANK YOU to Goodnigh and TheRktmn for making this happen and Congratulations Stanglover and Not A T5 on your newfound VIP Status!  (First round of drinks in the VIP Lounge is on the new guys!!)   Big Grin

RE: 2 New VIPs! - NOT A T5 - 09-24-2018

First a Mustang GURU and now that. I'm blushing LOL! Thanks guys and if I had the chance first couple of rounds on me! I don't know what else to say!!!

RE: 2 New VIPs! - midlife - 09-24-2018

(09-24-2018, 03:44 PM)NOT A T5 Wrote: First a Mustang GURU and now that. I'm blushing LOL! Thanks guys and if I had the chance first couple of rounds on me! I don't know what else to say!!!

You can say "drinks are on me" and "I'll get at cleaning the bathroom with that toothbrush right now".

RE: 2 New VIPs! - secluff - 09-24-2018

To Stanglover and Not A T5....First, congratulations on your new VIP Status. Until rocketfoot sends your new membership packet and the secret handshake code, there are a few other things you need to know.
The first round (or two) of drinks are on you two. You now have restroom clean up detail until the next new member joins. There is a goat (a mascot of some sort) that roams around in the room that midlife warned me about. I was also warned to NOT let the goat eat popcorn from my lap!     Big Grin

RE: 2 New VIPs! - midlife - 09-24-2018

*sigh* Everyone maligns poor ol' Daisy. She's awfully sweet when she wants to be...

RE: 2 New VIPs! - Stanglover - 09-25-2018

Oh wow!! What can I say but thank you, thank you. Just by chance I took a look at the Portal this morning and saw this incredible gesture of 'pay-it-forward'
I'll do my very best to honor this moving forward. I'm not sure I deserve it, but clearly Goodnigh and TheRktmn do, so thank you again.
As for the beers, well I'm not sure you Americans could handle our 5% beer here in Canada!! Lol. However, if we should ever meet up, you're more than welcome to give it a try on me. Ok, that's going to cause a stir, better leave that subject alone now.
I'm blown away and thank you,
aka, Stanglover.