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Still searching Mach 1 - Machvince - 09-18-2018


I'am still searching a 71/73 Mach 1 with 351 4V with manual transmisssion..
I found one that seems to me good (no rust, small scratchs..) but the door tag is missing.
Is it a real problem ? i got the Vin, pics ans Lemon inspection (which says that it is a nice car..). The owner seems to have it form a short time , and i don't know why he is selling..
I leave in France, and it will be my first (but not last !!!) Mustang.
Any help is welcome...

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Don C - 09-18-2018

The door tag may have been painted over or the door replaced at some time. You can get a new door label from Marti Reports. However, the VIN on the dash should be verified by the partial VINs. The locations are discussed here:

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Machvince - 09-18-2018

Thanks, I go and read this .

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Stanglover - 09-18-2018

(09-18-2018, 12:38 PM)Machvince Wrote: Thanks, I go and read this .

 If exporting from the US, it will have to clear US Customs first. This is to verify it is not a stolen car and no liens against it, i.e. money owing on the car or the car has been used as collateral. When I exported my car from the US to Canada, I needed to fax a copy of the ORIGINAL title and bill of sale to the Customs office 3 day ahead of when I was to lick the car up and import to Canada. You may need a broker to handle this as you will be shipping abroad.
Good luck with your search, hope this helps.

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 09-19-2018

The car you are looking at was not a Q code it has H in the VIN#. There are lots of incorrect parts on the car for sure. It was not a very high optioned car at all. From the few pictures he has I see the following.
Car has a 4 speed, NO H code had four speed, only 3 speed or automatic.
Car has wrong gas cap off a 71.
Wrong fan shroud on engine off another Ford vehicle, probably wrong engine.
Wrong horn under the hood.
Does not have the center caps on Magnum 500 wheels. They are likely rusty since he shows no close up pictures.
The interior in the car is shot, is the standard and nothing special.
Has a tach but no center gauges.
No console. All mustangs had either a short console or a long console.
The black out on hood is shiny and also wrong shape.
The price he is asking is over 3 times what the car might be worth. He does not show much detail under the floor. Need pictures under the cowl to see amount of rust. If cowl rusty you have to tear pretty much the whole car back apart.
You should keep looking this car has no investment value. Very low on options and very incorrect build.
If he purchased this car from the first site he probably got it and figured out it was a POS. French might not translate that too good. Means it is junk.
I will keep my eyes open for a good Mach 1 that is correct. I can arrange the export also if needed.

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Machvince - 09-19-2018

Thanks a lot David,
The seller was very friendly, and quickly lower the price , as soon as I seem to be interrested... Guess it was a sign...

I understand Pos  ( Smile) in french, the equivalent is bu**it..

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 09-19-2018

I was going to do some searching for you today but our power was off from this morning until after 4:00.
Are you set on a Mach 1?? I did a quick look close to me and here are a couple much better than the one you are looking at. One has been on market for a while so that tells you what the market price is. They both are well equipped one a vert one a Q code 4 speed Mach 1.
I can arrange any type of shipment you want. Can have complete restore here or ship as is. Of course I would go inspect in person and take much more detailed pics. Inside the cowl and close in the trunk. Also lots of pics on lift to show the floor.
So here is a starting point.
DO NOT JUMP INTO A PURCHASE LIKE THE ONE YOU ARE LOOKING AT. He obviously bought the car and it is a pile of junk and he wants to sell quick.
1973 vert listed 3 days ago, $18,500
73 Q 4 speed Been on cl for a month
$15,000 negotiable.
1971 - 1973 mustangs are available every day so do not make a quick decision. Money talks for sure.  You want a car with lots of options that has nothing hidden. Look for a car that shows what is there. You can skim coat a body with bondo and make it beautiful until it gets wet and all the rust comes out.
I will look some more tomorrow. With the power out most of the day I did not look much.

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - midlife - 09-19-2018

I do not see a link to the car Machvince is looking at...David: where did you get your information from?

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 09-19-2018

(09-19-2018, 06:31 PM)midlife Wrote: I do not see a link to the car Machvince is looking at...David: where did you get your information from?

The links I put in were for ones I saw today. His were at the start of the post. Way over priced no options and not a 4 speed car had been added. He was looking at an H code. I think this guy bought it and when he got it saw it was a POS and is trying to unload it.
There are way too many 71 - 73 out there that are correct to go with this one.

RE: Still searching Mach 1 - EdM - 09-19-2018

I am not seeing a link in OP either?