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replacing rear shock related questions - SteveO_71 - 07-17-2018

I decided that I needed to replace the rear shocks on the Mach1 with something newer. I see the access hole in the trunk for the one shock. Towards the back of the trunk near the rear seat back are two other access holes. One is for the other shock.

Since I really couldnt look in there, what is the other access hole for?

Once the shock is in place, how is the top tightened down? I feel the nut get tighter and I'm assuming at that point the shock top spins. Is there some tool that allows you to tighten the shock nut and still hold the bolt? Is the shock significantly tightened down at that point?


RE: replacing rear shock related questions - midlife - 07-17-2018

My guess is that you have staggered shocks. On non-staggered shocks, the two access holes behind the rear seat are for both shocks' access, the more standard configuration.

RE: replacing rear shock related questions - Hemikiller - 07-17-2018

Midlife is correct. If you have a non-staggered shock car, you would access both shocks through the two forward access holes. Staggered shocks are passenger side forward, driver side rearward. Ford used the same forward trunk panel regardless of configuration, hence the extra plug.

The the upper shock pin can be tightened one of two ways: with the correct tool, or with an impact driver. I've done both, they both work fine.


The tool has an outer shell that grabs the nut, while the inner driver grabs the double D on the end of the shock stud

RE: replacing rear shock related questions - delawarebill - 07-18-2018

when i did a full brake job and replacing the flex and solid line over the rear. i needed to remove the drivers side shock. to do that i needed to pull the back seat.. i have fold down seat.

RE: replacing rear shock related questions - SteveO_71 - 07-18-2018

Guys, thanks for the info and link to the tool. I thought one existed but didnt know how well it worked.

Even though I dont have fold down seats, it was easier for me to get to the passenger side shock through the back seat. There didnt seem a way for me to reach it through the trunk or attempt to crawl into the trunk.