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73 Coupe - JRANGER - 06-15-2018

Well i figured i would start a build thread. It will probably be very slow going after a couple weeks as i have a complete restro im doing on a 65 Coupe ive converted to a fastback.  

So anyway, My 73 starts up and moves but had a leaky tank and the carb is pouring fuel out the top.

So ive ordered a new carb (EdleBrock 1406). I have a aluminum intake to install and have replaced the fuel tank and sender.

I have a boat load of parts and plan to start sanding the body down this weekend. 

Other Parts I have and need to install:
New Shocks
After Market Guages
New Battery Tray
Petronix Setup
New Leaf Springs
Trunk Corner Replacement Metal
Passenger door replacement and maybe fender
Front Valance
Light Switch
Shifter Restore (It wiggles)

Im sure ill order more but the idea is to get it running for the summer and give it some paint
[Image: scoop.jpg]

[Image: 34211591_10160372169375521_4522140868043341824_n.jpg]

[Image: wheels.jpg]

RE: 73 Coupe - 73pony - 06-15-2018

Cool. Keep us posted.

RE: 73 Coupe - Pegleg - 06-15-2018

Always good to have a plan set out in your mind before you begin. I am sure other jobs will pop up as you progress. Nature of the beast

RE: 73 Coupe - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 06-16-2018

I see you have the Decor Group, side trim black out below. Do be very careful removing it is expensive to replace. REPO trim seems to come and go not always there and 73 is unique for the front fender trim. I do think it makes the cars look much better especially with a side stripe that could be ordered on the coupe. Of course did not say Mach 1 and was the 71 72 style.
Wish I had the energy I have the facilities but energy is running low, lol.

[Image: DSC_2417.jpg]

RE: 73 Coupe - JRANGER - 06-16-2018

thanks for all the info guys. Ill be careful when removing the trim. Its missing from the door already though and i need to replace the door with another one i have since it has a big dent in it

Got to work today and sanded the roof and quarters down. Pretty good shape but the passenger side wheel area is rusted out on the bottom so i ordered some replacement metal for it.
The trunk area was really rusty near the rear window but not rusted through. I hit it hard with 80 grit then put rust encapsulator all over it. I will also treat the roof with rust converter as it has spots all over it from the vinyl roof that use to be on it. Will need some bondo work in the sail panels as it has some dings and such but all and all im pretty happy with what i found

[Image: 35360698_10160425369615521_2894989149289316352_n.jpg]

[Image: 35416437_10160425369215521_1171471605797224448_n.jpg]

[Image: 35483802_10160425369330521_492371168163004416_n.jpg]

RE: 73 Coupe - JRANGER - 06-16-2018

looked at the door more and its not as dented as i thought. So i ordered an eastwood stud weld kit for my mig and it has a 3lb slide hammer. We will see what happens

RE: 73 Coupe - JRANGER - 06-18-2018

Need to start taking all the trim and small stuff off but most of the car is ready to start prepping for primer
[Image: 35429416_10160429608445521_5670522596513284096_n.jpg]

[Image: 35522785_10160429608530521_6581379160202018816_n.jpg]

Also decided on a color and ordered it
[Image: 35686957_10160429608350521_949938850526920704_n.jpg]

RE: 73 Coupe - JRANGER - 06-23-2018

and so the rust repair begins. In the rear the inside was rusted out too so i had to make a piece and put in place. I flanged the original metal and used 08115 panel bonding to put the new pieces on but they will need weld in the top corners. Especially the front one where it doesnt quiet sit right so i need to press it in and weld it
[Image: 35889337_10160452713515521_9203077526107193344_n.jpg]

[Image: 36029593_10160452713145521_3440821957229019136_n.jpg]

[Image: 36045097_10160452712680521_5297130599499169792_n.jpg]

[Image: 36064362_10160452711865521_8351143657406988288_n.jpg]

RE: 73 Coupe - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 06-24-2018

LOL, I need your energy.
Just a suggestion. I would never use the rust encapsulation like POR on any areas of the car that will be finished exterior. There is a good chance the rust will come back and make your paint bubble. Remove all the rust by panel replace or grind. Yes use in areas you cannot reach otherwise.
Keep up at this pace and you will be painting soon.

RE: 73 Coupe - Hemikiller - 06-24-2018

Agree with David here. POR-15 paints are for hidden areas, never for under a cosmetic finish.

Interested to see how the panel bonding comes out.