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what is this bolt? - SteveO_71 - 05-31-2018

Crawling around under the car the other day and saw this bolt, way underneath the engine.

Is this the engine drain plug? Looks like a 1/8 NPT so can I use it for a temperature sensor??


RE: what is this bolt? - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 05-31-2018

That is the drain plug for the block. Don't know about using for sensor. Should be sensor up top in front for water and oil in the rear on top.

RE: what is this bolt? - Don C - 05-31-2018

Yes, that is a pipe plug that can be used to drain the block.

That is one of the cooler spots in the block, and the coolant reaches that area shortly after leaving the radiator and water pump. From there the coolant flows up through the rest of the block and then through the head, picking up heat all the way. The hottest place for the coolant, for 351Cs, is in the block right before the thermostat.