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shoulder harness - frank@quadrachiropractic.com - 05-24-2018

Does anyone have a line on a pair of the seatbelt's shoulder harnesses for a 71-73. I need them in really good condition, re. the plastic piece that slides along the webbing? I have looked everywhere on the net (or so I think) and no one sells repos, go figure.

RE: shoulder harness - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 05-25-2018

You will probably have a difficult time finding a set with the plastic rings still in place on the pin in the buckle for the shoulder harness. There was a recall due to the plastic piece breaking off and the buckle not staying in place. The plastic piece was put on before the stud was riveted. The Ford repair was to add two rubber O-Rings on the stud and that keeps the belt hooked. You can get on ebay occasionally look for the part # in the picture or just go get some O-Rings that do the job.
You can get the belts replaced but the pattern of the weave is different or it was in the past. The plastic pieces I have not seen repo.

[Image: DSC_2041.jpg]

RE: shoulder harness - goodnigh - 05-26-2018

I used a cable tie. Just wrap it around the pin, cinch it down and cut off the rest.
Not Concours correct but it works. Keeps the shoulder strap from falling off.