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RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - DerAlte - 05-31-2018

She almost ready only need to finish surface. So close but still so far...

[Image: auto_maalissa2.jpg]

[Image: Auto_maalissa1.jpg]

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - mach71351c - 06-01-2018

Looks good! Congrats on the new paint.

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - OzCoupe72 - 06-01-2018

Great job, always a good feeling to finally get color on

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - Fabrice - 06-01-2018

if only they could keep that fresh paint looks forever!
Its gonna be one nice eye catcher!

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - DerAlte - 06-26-2018

And finally I was able to continue work with her. I got her back from paintshop few weeks ago, but got other work to do.

Helped friend to finish his little car project, build a fence around the yard and cut down some trees at the same time and made firewood of them.

To-do list:

- clean up floorpans, paint and sound dampening.
- well, putting all back in place Smile

[Image: Poni_maalattu_takaa.jpg]

[Image: Poni_trailerilla.jpg]

[Image: lattian_puhdistusta.jpg]

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - Pegleg - 06-26-2018

Great job. Cant wait to see finished car

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - DerAlte - 06-28-2018

#Fabrice I'll try to keep in garage or covered outside all the time when not running it.

#Pegleg Thanks!

My goal get everything within month. Yesterday I finished cleaning up the floorpans and today I'll start painting them. Weekend I should be doing sound dampening and started working with the electrics.

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - DerAlte - 07-02-2018

Getting something done, slowly but steadily...

Sound dampening done and started working with electrics.

[Image: 20180702_193809.jpg]

[Image: 20180702_182338.jpg]

[Image: 20180630_195000.jpg]

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - DerAlte - 08-20-2018

Hi all!

My vacation is over and during it I almost finished her Smile

I was ready for my first test run, but both my front disc brakes were stuck when motor was running and brakes gained pressure. Ordered new brake hoses, as it seems calibers are ok.

So I am 98% done... there is still summer left even in here  Big Grin 

And our dalmatian acted as supervisor now and then...

[Image: outside1.jpg]

[Image: inside3.jpg]

[Image: inside2.jpg]

[Image: front1.jpg]

[Image: rear1.jpg]

[Image: gauges.jpg]

[Image: Inside1.jpg]

[Image: Dalmis_supervisor.jpg]

RE: My 72 HT 429/C6 project - computercarguy - 08-20-2018

Looking good!   thumb