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Upgrade to VIP Status! - rocketfoot - 05-14-2018

Hi folks, I just wanted to post a semi annual reminder to all new members that we do accept donations in the form of forum VIP status upgrades for your account!  VIP accounts enjoy extra inbox room for private message storage as well as extra upload space for photos and files!  VIPs also get access to the VIP forum where the infamous Mustang Babe thread resides!  You can also request a custom signature for your profile for free!  You get all this for just $25 and it is for lifetime...no reoccurring fees ever!

We also have VIP Site Supporter ($100) and VIP Benefactor ($200) levels that add even more storage and upload space (Benefactor status is UNLIMITED!!)  All these VIP levels also give you a cool custom profile badge that shows on every post and lets your peers know that you are serious about the Mustang hobby and that you help support the forums!

All proceeds from VIP upgrades go to helps cover the costs of domain fees, server hosting, remote forum backups and constant security improvements!  Every penny donated is very much appreciated!!

VIP upgrades also make a great gift to send to another forum member that helped you out or made you laugh!  It can even be anonymous if you wish!

Just to be clear, we appreciate every donation but 7173Mustangs is not a pay site and never will be!  Every one has access to the regular forums, tech info, Mustang data and all the other features no matter what level your account is.  VIP levels are just our way of thanking those that wish to help support the site. 

So, if you are ready to step up and help support your super awesome, most favorite website on the internet...click here:


RE: Upgrade to VIP Status! - rocketfoot - 10-30-2018

Just a bump to remind new members of our VIP program!  Just figured I'd bump this to the top after getting several inquiries about how to donate to the forums! 

As always...every dollar donated to the forum is greatly appreciated!  With all of the different Mustang pages and groups on Facebook, the forums really take a hit both in visits and in donations but don't worry, we are here to stay...and remember, archived info is easier to find on our pages than any Facebook page!   Big Grin Cool 

Welcome all new members!!  We are really glad to have you aboard! thumb

RE: Upgrade to VIP Status! - rocketfoot - 02-01-2019

Another bump for the new members inquiring about VIP status! 

Stay warm...Spring will be here soon!  LOL   thumb