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New Forum Added! - rocketfoot - 03-29-2018

Hey guys, I have noticed a few threads about building and designing shops, shop equipment, tools and such lately.  I decided to open a new forum under General Discussion called "Shop Talk!"

Feel free to jump in and talk about all your shop/garage/man cave topics as well as tools, equipment, etc.

I moved a few topics into the new forum to help get it started!  This topic also seems popular on Facebook with several huge garage/man cave group pages that exist.  


RE: New Forum Added! - cobra3073 - 03-29-2018


You are "on it!" 

Great decision and work.


RE: New Forum Added! - bkdunha - 03-29-2018

Great I will have to post about my recently acquired, but yet uninstalled purchase.

RE: New Forum Added! - OLE PONY - 03-30-2018

Great idea!

RE: New Forum Added! - luxstang - 03-30-2018

That's a good idea!
Well done!