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Responsive Themes Added! - rocketfoot - 12-22-2017

Ok guys, I added 2 new themes that are mobile responsive!  I do have to note that forums are really hard to make 100% responsive and these themes are fairly close but I am sure there are a few pages that need some work yet...but for the most part, you should be able to use them on a full size monitor or mobile device fairly seamlessly!  It may take a little time to get used to the new menus and the way they stack up on the mobile device but it should be easier for you guys in the long run!

The new themes are available from the theme changer at the bottom of the screen...Magnum500 and Dark Magnum500 are the names of the new themes.  You can switch back and forth anytime you wish!  I tried to keep the themes similar in colors and layout but some stuff was not able to be the same for responsive behavior reasons...the menus are laid out completely different but in a good way, LOL!

Let me know if you see any major issues! 

Merry Christmas!!

RE: Responsive Themes Added! - goodnigh - 12-22-2017

You changed the content menu.
I like that.


RE: Responsive Themes Added! - rocketfoot - 12-23-2017

(12-22-2017, 10:26 PM)goodnigh Wrote: You changed the content menu.
I like that.


Yes the content menu is a little bit more handy and takes up less room than all the links together then then in the nav bar.

RE: Responsive Themes Added! - computercarguy - 12-23-2017

Very nice!

RE: Responsive Themes Added! - Bentworker - 12-24-2017

How do I see today’s posts?

RE: Responsive Themes Added! - midlife - 12-24-2017

Love the Content Menu! Would be great if something like that was available when you click on a member and see their posts and threads.