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Vinnie’s garage - Vinnie - 12-04-2017

Howdo! I thought it would be easier on the forum (members) to centralise my garage/mustang updates in one thread.

So I bought this unit last summer:

[Image: b1d530b997961d38dbbf88d54779282c.jpg]

Which got filled up quickly:

[Image: 437fb2ce4652ea58c5d1aaa0d1fd5603.jpg]

[Image: d34e36b80b6520c71210493212dbdea0.jpg]

But since the unit is 8 metres in height I’m going to put in an extra floor.

Vinnie’s garage - Vinnie - 12-04-2017

And today the metal arrived to support the wooden floor:

[Image: 83a341699f65f9bf18a21213031195d6.jpg]

[Image: afd9c9190e8cbd6f7330305472dbd707.jpg]

These beams are 375 cm so the floor will be high enough to have a four post lift underneath with a car on top of it.

RE: Vinnie’s garage - OzCoupe72 - 12-04-2017

Your new man cave looks great and the extra floor with hoist underneath is a good way to make the most of the area you have.
Will be interesting to see how you set it up when done

RE: Vinnie’s garage - will e - 12-04-2017

Vinnie takes it to the next level! Go Vinnie!

RE: Vinnie’s garage - eddyw - 12-06-2017

Hi Vinnie,

Now it's time for the second Mustang... you need only this  Wink

Vinnie’s garage - Vinnie - 12-06-2017

Haha, a lift is definitely coming in the future. But if I’d get a second car, it will most likely be a 73 vette, sorry ;-)

RE: Vinnie’s garage - Fabrice - 12-06-2017

[ if I’d get a second car, it will most likely be a 73 vette, sorry]
As long as its stays a "if" its ok Smile

Vinnie’s garage - Vinnie - 12-10-2017

Welded all 16 plates on to the square tubes. I wanted to continue drilling holes and start putting primer on but it started snowing so much that it was smarter to try and be home before it was dark...

[Image: 3d5e898448c47378188e24409b83dbbe.jpg]

Vinnie’s garage - Vinnie - 12-25-2017

[Image: b389dbfbefe44bb3646fd92c40221137.jpg]

Yes! The first pole is up, and so are the 2nd and 3rd :-) Only 5 more to go. I managed to drill 8 holes (for four poles) without stumbling on concrete-steel but holes 9 and 10 took 2 of my drills out after hitting steel Undecided

RE: Vinnie’s garage - will e - 12-25-2017

Looking good (except the snow) and it keeps you out of trouble. Merry Christmas Vinnie!