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71-73 Mustang Key Chains - rocketfoot - 11-21-2017

I still have a few 71-73 Mustang key chains for sale!  I have less than ten of each so if you want to snag one or a few, PM me right away!  First come first serve basis...PM me your order and your shipping address.  I will reply with a total and my Paypal link to send payment (as long as I can fill the order!)

I have three styles available...make sure you specify item and quantity! 

Mach 1

They come with a key ring also!

Price is $25 each including USPS to your door!  (These are about 4" long and 1/8" thick rough cut stainless steel.  You can leave them as is or polish to a mirror finish!)

[Image: 20e8aa4975b2614d06dcf00ab10307ff.jpg]

RE: 71-73 Mustang Key Chains - rocketfoot - 11-27-2017

I have a small batch going out in the mail tomorrow and still have a few left!  Get them before they are gone!!

RE: 71-73 Mustang Key Chains - rocketfoot - 12-07-2017

Anyone else need a key tag?  I still have a few of each models to sell!  $25 shipped to your door in a nice yellow padded envelope!   Big Grin 

PM me and I'll reply with Paypal link!

Regular members...I'll throw in a FREE VIP Membership with the purchase of a Key Tag!  Early Christmas Special!!!   thumb 

VIP Members, I'll throw in a FREE VIP Membership that you can gift to a deserving member here on the forums if you wish!

Lets get these things sold before Christmas!!   Cool