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Introductions - MSC - 11-13-2017

Hi all from Lafayette, Louisiana.....  Bayou State....

Just purchased a 73 Mustang and will be picking it up soon.  So, will post pic's when we get home with her.  Looking forward to the forums and obviously all of your help.  
Thanks for the welcome...
[Image: IMG_0896.jpg]

RE: Introductions - 73pony - 11-13-2017

Cool another coupe! Welcome from Iowa!

RE: Introductions - secluff - 11-13-2017

Hello from Mississippi. Congratulations  on the new addition to your family. Lots of knowledge and experience here and everyone willing to share and help in anyway. Welcome aboard!

RE: Introductions - timachone - 11-13-2017

welcome from Germany Smile

Introductions - Vinnie - 11-13-2017

Welcome from Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

RE: Introductions - will e - 11-13-2017

Nice looking car. I like the color and the slotted mags! Welcome to the board!

RE: Introductions - Fabrice - 11-13-2017

Another coupe! Fastbacks are sooo passé Smile

Welcome from the northern Netherlands

RE: Introductions - OzCoupe72 - 11-13-2017

Welcome from Australia

Bring on the coupes!
Interesting colour scheme

RE: Introductions - NOT A T5 - 11-14-2017

Welcome from Omaha!

RE: Introductions - eddyw - 11-14-2017

welcome2   from Belgium