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Hello everyone - libram - 11-13-2017

Hi, I'm handling the restoration of my grandmothers mach 1. She originally bought the car in 1972 as her very first new car with what I've found to be a very odd combination of options and perhaps factory persuasion. I'm still waiting on the marti reports but some things are just odd. She babied the car until she loaned it to her brother and for insurance signed it over to him. It took almost 20 years to get it back but she did and it had become a 3x wrecked mess left to sit in the yard. As she nears her 70's her husband has decided to restore it for her and I'm the one to guide it along. I've been working with this vehicle for the last ten years now, as when it was reacquired almost nothing was available but NOS parts but finally its nearly done with new parts available every day. I'll be posting a few questions I'm sure but I've been through a lot of sources and if I can help anyone find anything I'd be happy to help.

RE: Hello everyone - OzCoupe72 - 11-13-2017

Welcome from Australia, post some photos and I'm sure you will get a lot of info from this site and its members as I have

RE: Hello everyone - timachone - 11-13-2017


welcome from Germany!

That is a cool story behind this Mach 1 and it is great that you support your grandparents thumb

This is the right forum for you with a lot of knowledged 71-73 Mustang enthusiasts   Smile 

We would like to see some photos of your baby... Wink

RE: Hello everyone - NOT A T5 - 11-13-2017

Welcome from Omaha!

RE: Hello everyone - Vinnie - 11-13-2017

What a great story! I'm very curious about the options then (and photos of course).

Welcome (from The Netherlands)!

RE: Hello everyone - OLE PONY - 11-13-2017

Welcome to the site from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

RE: Hello everyone - Bru - 11-13-2017

Hello and welcome from the 'Peoples Republic of California'

RE: Hello everyone - luxstang - 11-13-2017

welcome  from Luxembourg/Europe!!

RE: Hello everyone - delawarebill - 11-13-2017

wow nice job.. does your gmom know if it's soon done ??? boy what a surprise it'll be if u just show up and hand her the keys..

RE: Hello everyone - 73pony - 11-13-2017

Welcome from Iowa!