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Hello from Oklahoma - soonerbillz - 10-27-2017

Hi folks, 
 My name is Scott.. I am 58 and getting closer to retirement... The kids are grown and gone.. so it's just me and my sweetheart of 38 years now..
For many years have been a avid involved motorcycle road and dirt racing guy. Raced and built lots of bikes.. really enjoy wrenching..
I have owned a number of trucks and cars.. always found a way to modify or make them my own thing..my first car was a '66 Chevy impala SS... (man I miss that car!)
 But I have owned a couple Mustangs.. but they were not really great.. a Mustang II.. a plain jane  coupe. I did kinda have a '68 302 coupe when i was a teenager...well really it was my sisters but I would steal it when she was off at college or gone for a weekend.. sadly she got t-boned in it and though she came out of it ok.. the car was toast..
When I was a kid I really hankered for a 71 model.. I love the 71-73 style.. 
Right now I do not have a Mustang to show off or talk about.. but I have a suspect in my sights and hope to be pulling the trigger soon.
 i joined because I love to learn and see great cars and builds.. I hope as I get further along in my quest that this site and others like it can make me much more knowledgeable and understanding of these cars and what  is correct..and what is not so much..
Thanks for letting me join and lurk about.

RE: Hello from Oklahoma - luxstang - 10-27-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
Lurking is a good start. Smile

RE: Hello from Oklahoma - 71 gbvert - 10-27-2017

Welcome from Illinois! There are a lot of people here that will gladly help in your quest!

RE: Hello from Oklahoma - will e - 10-27-2017

Hey Scott! Welcome from Phoenix Arizona. You have found a great group of folks who love their 7173 mustangs. There is a lot of good information here and even more encouragement!

RE: Hello from Oklahoma - Boss1Ray - 10-27-2017

Welcome from OKC!


RE: Hello from Oklahoma - BeerDontCount - 10-27-2017

From one Scott to another, welcome from Seattle. Good luck on your quest, and keep us posted as you go. Glad you found us.


RE: Hello from Oklahoma - OzCoupe72 - 10-28-2017

Welcome from Western Australia, hopefully you get your dream car and show some pics

RE: Hello from Oklahoma - goodnigh - 10-28-2017

Welcome from northern California.


RE: Hello from Oklahoma - 73pony - 10-28-2017

Welcome from Iowa

Hello from Oklahoma - deford1 - 10-28-2017

Where in Oklahoma?

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