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Hello from Orange County, CA - ocsurfer411 - 10-18-2017

Hey, I'm Jason.

Just acquired a 1973 Mustang Convertible in June of 2017 that's been graphic'd up to look like a Mach 1. She looks pretty and has a new 351C, but still needs some additional work to be "perfect" in my eyes. I don't mean show perfect, I don't ever need her to be a show car...just a little more work to make her something I don't feel I need to do "that next thing" to (if that state of mind even can ever be achieved).

I joined the OC Mustang Club, but haven't yet attended an event (but I shall).

Shout out to me if you're close by and want to have a look sometime (and show me your Mustang).

[Image: 3_pics.jpg]

Hello from Orange County, CA - Vinnie - 10-18-2017

Hi Jason, welcome from Amsterdam, the Netherlands! That,s a very nice looking convertible, enjoy!

RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - eddyw - 10-18-2017

welcome2  from Belgium.

RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - goodnigh - 10-18-2017

Welcome from northern California.


RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - OMS - 10-18-2017

Welcome from Ohio

RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - secluff - 10-18-2017

Hello from Mississippi. Jason, that is one sharp looking drop top. Looking at your car helps validate the argument of why didn't Ford ever go ahead and build a Mach 1 convertible?! Welcome aboard.

RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - OLE PONY - 10-18-2017

Looks great. Looks like a 71/72 grill and bumper but still looks good.

Hello from Orange County, CA - BeerDontCount - 10-18-2017

Hey Jason, looking good. Welcome from Seattle.

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RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - OzCoupe72 - 10-18-2017

Welcome from Western Australia, nice vert you have there.

RE: Hello from Orange County, CA - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 10-18-2017

Welcome to the forum from North Carolina.
Your car must have been crashed in front and they put 71 - 72 front end on like already mentioned.
You could get the side stripes and argent hood stripe, NASA hood a and hood locks on a vert. No spoilers on verts though. I am sure they cut holes in the inner reinforcement to put nuts on.
The only things on a Mach 1 that you could not get on your vert was, Mach 1 sports interior, The plastic inserts in the front carpet, the honey comb panel on the tail light panel and the words Mach 1. None of those added any performance. Mach 1 was an appearance package you had to add other options to get performance.
The rear of the car is 73 with the rear bumper moved back and the rubber fillers on each side between bumper and quarter. You also have the 73 tail lights.
I do love a blue and argent car they do pop and yours is a really nice car.