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7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - rocketfoot - 10-03-2017

Hey guys,

I whipped up a simple 1 color t-shirt design to test a new fulfillment site!  Take a look and see if you like them!  You can get either white or black graphics on a bunch of different color shirts with sizes up to 6X!  Price is only $16.99 plus shipping...



If nothing else, they will make nice work shirts!   thumb

RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - imusa76 - 10-03-2017

WOW I like them!!! And sizes upto 5x. I'll be ordering one or 2

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RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - rackerm - 10-03-2017

Very nice! Just ordered one.

RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - mpbsr - 10-03-2017

Whats the difference with both shirts?

RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - Bru - 10-03-2017

(10-03-2017, 08:34 PM)mpbsr Wrote: Whats the difference with both shirts?

Logo colors

RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - rocketfoot - 10-04-2017

Yes, shirts are the same...just the logo color is different.  Some might like a white logo where others may want it a little subdued.  That's all... Cool

7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - secluff - 10-04-2017

Ordered mine yesterday. Wasn't sure if 100% cotton or a blend so ordered one to see how it fits. Like that several larger sizes were offered to appease some of us that have become ahhhh.....a little "Size Challenged" in the midsection!
Thanks Rocketfoot for giving me the opportunity to be able to wear something to aggravate my 65/70 buddies!

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RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - Stanglover - 10-04-2017

Just ordered 2. Looking forward to showing them off. Great idea to both promote our website and the hobby.
Thanks for doing this for us,

RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - will e - 10-04-2017

I ordered light blue to match the car. Wink Thanks for putting this together.

RE: 7173Mustang.com T-Shirts - luxstang - 10-04-2017

I'm gonna order one. Smile