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Welcome to 7173MUSTANGS.com! - rocketfoot - 07-02-2010

Hello and welcome to 7173MUSTANGS.com! My name is RocketFoot and I created this online community to help support the 71-73 Ford Mustang following! As you probably know, the 71-73 model years are sometimes thought of as the black sheep of the Mustang herd, but to me, the big body years hold the true essence of the 1970's muscle car image! Long hoods, breathtaking lines and big horse power! What isn't there to love about these cars!

We already have a gallery that you can add 71-73 photos to as well as a blog feature that you can use to update everyone on your vehicle build progress or anything happening in your Mustang's life! We'll also be adding more forum features as time goes on and membership picks up.

I hope you enjoy the forums and if you have any suggestions, be sure to post them in the Site Feedback forum!

PS...I closed this welcome topic so you can go back and start your own introduction thread! Thanks and have fun!

RE: Welcome to 7173MUSTANGS.com! - Don65Stang - 05-28-2013

In addition to posting an introduction thread please drop a Pin on our Member Map to represent your corner of the world. You don't have to put your exact address, just the general location. Here's a link to the Map:

Member Map

And WELCOME to the site!!!