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RE: Hoping to learn - bkdunha - 08-09-2017

Welcome from W. TN. Great opportunity to spend some time with your son and build great memories. Like the others have said, no bad questions to this group. We have all been where you and your son are going. Believe it or not, we came out the other side as well. The advice to take as many pictures as you can is very true. Even of the goofy little things that you would never ever think you would need to. IT may not be that item that you need to research later, but something nearby. I have 100's of pictures of my teardown and build up plus other low mileage original cars I have documented. Another item to consider is to invest in Ziploc baggies and wire tags. Bag and tag everything immediately after you remove it. You will be glad to have those hard to find nuts and bolts when it goes back together possibly months or years later. Most importantly, enjoy the time with your son. It is priceless!

RE: Hoping to learn - DK73 - 08-10-2017

Welcome from Denmark Northern Part of Europe Regards Lars DK73

Sendt fra min F8331 med Tapatalk

RE: Hoping to learn - Boss1Ray - 08-16-2017

Welcome from Oklahoma.


RE: Hoping to learn - bill1101 - 12-02-2017

(07-08-2017, 07:45 AM)will e Wrote: Howdy from Sunny Phoenix!  You will find this site informative and the people very helpful and encouraging.

What are the emissions requirements for your car in California?

Sorry I had problems with my log in. I am grandfathered in and don't have to worry about emisions. Cali has a moving date for emission regulation

RE: Hoping to learn - libram - 12-03-2017

so lets see some pics, the car, the "mechanics", the road ahead Smile

RE: Hoping to learn - NOT A T5 - 12-03-2017

Welcome from Omaha! I wish my son would have some interest in the Mustang I'm working on. I'd probably have to pay him, LOL.

Question on ram air or not - bill1101 - 12-08-2017

I am debating if I want to go with factory ram air or not. The plan is to put a 347 stroker in it and I was wondering if the factory ram would be a good idea