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Hoping to learn - bill1101 - 07-08-2017

Shortly I will begin building a 1972 Mustang convert for my son. We are going to work on it together and I hope to learn from this site. Thanks

RE: Hoping to learn - eddyw - 07-08-2017

welcome2   from Belgium

RE: Hoping to learn - jimbo - 07-08-2017

Welcome from Newcastle Australia there is plenty of info on this site, It will be good to see some pics in your build.

RE: Hoping to learn - luxstang - 07-08-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
Great idea.

RE: Hoping to learn - OzCoupe72 - 07-08-2017

Welcome from Western Australia

RE: Hoping to learn - 71 gbvert - 07-08-2017

Welcome from Illinois!

RE: Hoping to learn - OLE PONY - 07-08-2017

Welcome from Virginia. Sounds like a great father/son project. When my son and daughter were very young I had to store my 73 convert away because of lack of funds and time to rejuvenate her. When my son was 15 we pulled the 73 out of the barn and began the restoration. Great times!

RE: Hoping to learn - will e - 07-08-2017

Howdy from Sunny Phoenix! You will find this site informative and the people very helpful and encouraging.

What are the emissions requirements for your car in California?

RE: Hoping to learn - DK73 - 07-08-2017

Welcome from Denmark Northern Part of Europe Regards Lars DK73

Sendt fra min F8331 med Tapatalk

RE: Hoping to learn - timsweet - 07-08-2017

Welcome from Tucson, AZ

Good luck with the father/son project.  Always fun!!!