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Finally getting my 71! - jowens1126 - 07-04-2017

I am putting the final pieces of the paperwork together to get my first ever Mustang.  It should ship down to me next week sometime.  I cant wait to get it. 

Its nothing fancy by any measure, but its a pretty original car in really nice condition.  Its a 71 Sports roof, that someone did a hodge podge attempt at making it look like a mach 1.  Only  they didnt get any of it right.  But I will have fun fixing it all.  I will slowly but surely turn it into an actual 71 mach 1 in time.  Its excellent starting material though.  It has  a recently rebuilt 302, with a FMX.  Only 40k documented original miles, with paperwork to prove it . No rust anywhere.  All the interior is in perfect shape more or less.  Im really happy with how it looks overall.  The color is not my favorite but it will do for now.  One day I will paint it. 

[Image: 75280521971fordmustangmach1stdc.jpg]

[Image: 75280661971fordmustangmach1stdc.jpg]

RE: Finally getting my 71! - jbojo - 07-04-2017

Welcome from TriCities WA. Nice Car!!!

RE: Finally getting my 71! - OLE PONY - 07-04-2017

Welcome from Virginia. Looks like 1973 MACH 1 stripe on the side.

RE: Finally getting my 71! - mach71351c - 07-04-2017

Welcome from San Diego. Looks like a great project car.

Finally getting my 71! - Vinnie - 07-05-2017

Welcome from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and enjoy your Mustang! :-)

RE: Finally getting my 71! - luxstang - 07-05-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!

RE: Finally getting my 71! - JD79 - 07-05-2017

Nice! Welcome from the Netherlands. Good luck with the restoration. Looks like a solid car!

RE: Finally getting my 71! - eddyw - 07-05-2017

welcome2   from Belgium

RE: Finally getting my 71! - jimbo - 07-05-2017

Hi and Welcome from Newcastle Australia very nice it looks like a good project I have a 71 mach 1 two and good luck with the restoration.

RE: Finally getting my 71! - Fabrice - 07-05-2017

Hi welcome from the north of the Netherlands

No rust anywhere... you lucky man! thats 90% of the work!