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Introduction - Jake - 06-26-2017

Howdy folks, New guy here. Just acquired a 1972 351 fastback that's been sitting for awhile and am looking forward to picking ya'alls brains. I also have a '64 Galaxie that I like to throw around. That's all for now. See yas around the website.

RE: Introduction - OzCoupe72 - 06-27-2017

welcome from Western Australia, look forward to some pics including the Galaxie

RE: Introduction - Manu Mach1 - 06-27-2017

Welcome from France.

RE: Introduction - Vinnie - 06-27-2017

Hi and welcome from Amsterdam, The netherlands. Don't be afraid to show us pics of BOTH cars :-)

RE: Introduction - OLE PONY - 06-27-2017

Welcome to the site from Virginia! Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing more about it.

RE: Introduction - 73pony - 06-27-2017

Welcome from Iowa. Post up some pics of the car.

RE: Introduction - OMS - 06-27-2017

Welcome from Ohio

RE: Introduction - will e - 06-27-2017

Howdy from hot and sunny Phoenix!

RE: Introduction - Boss1Ray - 06-27-2017

Welcome from Oklahoma.


RE: Introduction - secluff - 06-27-2017

Hello from Mississippi. When you get a chance tell us some more about yourself and your 72. And...please include your 64 Galaxie, I'm a huge fan of the Galaxie's and XL's from Ford's "Total Performance" days! Welcome aboard.