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Hallo from Germany - g-strandet - 06-26-2017

Hallo from Germany 

My name is Christian and I am 30 years old.

Since 1 year I have a Mustang Convertible with 351C 2V. I have often problems where I can not find help in a german forum, because there are not so many Mustangs of 71-73 in Germany.

The reason why I have not registered here earlier is my bad English. 
But I hope with the help of Google to get everything translated.  
And with the help of this forum to get everything to repair.


[Image: 29602057lf.jpg]

RE: Hallo from Germany - JD79 - 06-26-2017

Hi Christian welcome from the Netherlands! I live in a town ( Gennep ), 5 minutes from Germany . Don't worry about the difficulties with english, everybody is here to help! Nice car you have!

RE: Hallo from Germany - will e - 06-26-2017

Hello and welcome from Phoenix. Great looking car! And we all speak the same language "Mustang". Wink

RE: Hallo from Germany - 73pony - 06-26-2017

Welcome from Iowa. Nice Car.

Willkommen von Iowa. Schönes Auto.

RE: Hallo from Germany - Fabrice - 06-26-2017

Welcome from the Netherlands! Very nice cabrio!

RE: Hallo from Germany - eddyw - 06-26-2017

welcome2   from Belgium

RE: Hallo from Germany - Pegleg - 06-26-2017

Hello & Welcome from the U.K

thumb Nice car

RE: Hallo from Germany - jpaz - 06-26-2017

Hello & Welcome to the site from Michigan. Great looking car you have!

RE: Hallo from Germany - jbojo - 06-26-2017

Welcome from TriCities WA. Nice looking car.

RE: Hallo from Germany - c9zx - 06-26-2017

Welcome from Oklahoma. Chuck