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72 Blk Dash Pad - not2old - 08-29-2010

Looking for a black dash pad for 72 Mach, hopefully in good condition with no cracksBlush

RE: 72 Blk Dash Pad - cobra3073 - 08-29-2010

The dash pads are readily available from a number of the Mustang Parts houses (in black) for 71 - 73 mustangs.

I don't know if OMS has them (perhaps Don will chime in here) according to my catalogs. NPD has them for an advertised price of $71.95; Mustang Plus for $144.95 (original Ford Tooling for 199.95); and Mustang Unlimited for $74.95.

Hope this helps.


RE: 72 Blk Dash Pad - OMS - 08-30-2010

We have dashed direct ones 119.95
Stay away from the China and India repros, I will not sell them.