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Intro - SR71 BLACKBIRD - 06-19-2017

Hi, longtime browser of this site; Thought I'd actually participate. I've been hard at work on my '72, still a work in process. I've had this car since '86, and must enjoy working on it more than I do driving it. Hopefully I get to a stopping point this summer so I can wash it and drive it. Just joined, so I have to figure out how to get pics on here. The car was born 6C yellow born 8/19/71, so it's an early build. It's a plain ol' fastback, now painted black Ditzler Deltron with a '73 style Mach stripe in gold, outlined by red-all painted on. Resisted the temptation to put a Mach hood on it, it looks pretty good flat. Kept the plain vinyl ginger interior, but added full console and tilt wheel. It currently wears 41/42 series 15"Cragar aluminum rims (think Weld Dragstars, with a more angular outer rim). The car was a Bondo-bucket, now it stands tall with the bodywork done about 8 years ago. Like I said work in process. The 408 dyno-ed at 575 hp last year and about the same torque, much to the surprise of the Chevy guy that ran the dyno. Converted to E-85 as well. Got a 4R70W stand-alone by Performance Automatics in there as well. Going to put my 69-70 rear axle housing into it so the rear wheels have a similar looking offset as the fronts. Still have a lot to do, but am getting closer.

RE: Intro - LCB1 - 06-19-2017

Welcome from Colorado, nice dyno pull

RE: Intro - 73pony - 06-19-2017

Welcome from Iowa. Sounds like a sweet ride. Can't wait to see some pics.

RE: Intro - secluff - 06-19-2017

Hello from Mississippi. Glad you liked what you saw and decided to stay. 575hp out of your 408 sounds great. I love the look on the Chevy guys face when they see exactly what type of power these Cleveland engines are capable of producing!
Welcome aboard!

RE: Intro - jbojo - 06-19-2017

Welcome from Tri-Cities WA.

RE: Intro - mach71351c - 06-19-2017

Welcome from San Diego.  Post some pics when you can. Look forward to seeing this one!

RE: Intro - SR71 BLACKBIRD - 06-19-2017

Got my avatar set, tried to upload an image from my phone. Got trapped in some website called imagebb.com. Might have to take another shot at it tomorrow.

Intro - Vinnie - 06-19-2017

Welcome from Amsterdam, The Netherlands! I look forward to seeing your work :-)

RE: Intro - JD79 - 06-20-2017

Welcome from Gennep, The Netherlands!

RE: Intro - luxstang - 06-20-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
Never mind me, I'm just here to stir the pot.