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New Canadian - WpgMach1 - 06-14-2017

I bought my mach1 2 summers ago. Ive redone the body with a couple buddies and their garages. She was silver when I bought it. Ive painted it competition orange. [Image: 6c75df7b91ca54606eff9da73f5ceeb8.jpg][Image: d7abf3276320155bfaad8936d2ab25a3.jpg][Image: f430a69eb9c9a1986c8cc12515417222.jpg]Im still learning and have a far way to go. Up next i'd like to redo the interior. Tomorrow im getting ceramic coated headers installed.

[Image: 7a712d8ce907ef5d89c259ddc8c95d94.jpg]

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RE: New Canadian - mach71351c - 06-15-2017

Welcome from San Diego California. Nice ride.

RE: New Canadian - luxstang - 06-15-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!
Interesting color. I like it!

RE: New Canadian - Vinnie - 06-15-2017

Hi and welcome from Amsterdam, The Netherlands! That is a nice looking car, I like the red :-)

RE: New Canadian - goodnigh - 06-15-2017

Welcome from northern California.


New Canadian - DK73 - 06-15-2017

Welcome from Denmark Northern parts of EU Regards Lars DK73

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RE: New Canadian - jpaz - 06-15-2017

Hello & Welcome from Michigan.

RE: New Canadian - 73pony - 06-15-2017

Welcome from Iowa. Nice car.

RE: New Canadian - jbojo - 06-15-2017

Welcome from TriCities WA.

RE: New Canadian - will e - 06-15-2017

Good looking car! It's great that you made it your own. We encourage that here. I would love to see some more pics. I see you have the plug in hybred option... Smile