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sf bay area here - maxcar - 05-16-2017

Hi Forum. 
Just bought my 72 mach 1 last weekend, but have owned about 18 mustangs of different years & levels of performance & coolness/crapiness.
I've always loved this body style. My first Mustang back in the early 90's was a 73 Coupe & I loved (wrecked) that car. So I was pretty excited about getting my first 71-73 since. 
Then I go out & promptly do this;
[Image: WP_20170514_18_55_05_Pro.jpg]

[Image: WP_20170514_19_25_24_Pro.jpg]
Any advice on Cleveland head upgrades while I'm in it?

RE: sf bay area here - luxstang - 05-16-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!

RE: sf bay area here - Vinnie - 05-16-2017

Welcome from The Netherlands and good luck with the car! Did you break that on your first drive?

RE: sf bay area here - 73pony - 05-16-2017

Welcome from Iowa.

RE: sf bay area here - iceberg65 - 05-16-2017

Hello from Alberta, Canada. Stainless single groove valves are on my list of things to do; valve failure took out my last set of CC heads.

RE: sf bay area here - mach71351c - 05-16-2017

Welcome from San Diego.

RE: sf bay area here - Don C - 05-16-2017

Welcome from Oregon.

What you will need to do to the heads will really be determined with the rest of the engine and what your intended use is.

It sounds like you like fast cars. thumb  I'm assuming you'll like to upgrade the performance. A larger cam will require more compression, which can be achieved with domed pistons or closed chamber heads. If you intend to use those heads hardened valve seats and one piece, single groove, valves will be necessary. Getting the heads machined for adjustable rockers is also a nice upgrade, and necessary for many cam choices. You can also get the Crane adjustable rocker conversion for mild to moderate cam upgrades. If you want to go with closed chamber heads, they are available from stock cast iron to aftermarket aluminum heads.

You'll find a lot of posts on this forum, and a lot of opinions, on head and engine performance upgrades. Enjoy...

RE: sf bay area here - jbojo - 05-16-2017

Welcome from TriCities WA.

RE: sf bay area here - goodnigh - 05-16-2017

Welcome from northern California.


RE: sf bay area here - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 05-16-2017

Probably going to need more than head work if that valve head popped off. The pic is of a piston out of a 302 that my dad had loaned to someone. The timing chain jumped and the idiot loosened and turned the distributor trying to start and broke head of valve and put through the piston. Ruined head, block and all because he was stupid.
[Image: DSC_2097.jpg]

[Image: DSC_2099.jpg]