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Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - Vinnie - 04-30-2017

Hey guys,

My car finally had its first ride of the year. Last ride was october last year and it ran crap. I did put in that tiny ground wire but didn't have a chance to test it. Now I did and the engine runs a LOT smoother!


I stopped halfway to shoot this little walk-around video for y'all to drool over ;-)

Please enjoy my '73 Grandé:



PS: It was windy ;-)

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - JD79 - 04-30-2017

White does look good on a 71-73! Nice that the car runs much smoother! Time to enjoy it with the good   weather !

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - jbojo - 04-30-2017

Nice looking car!!

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - Vinnie - 04-30-2017

And here's a little bonus movie with the engine running, I made this yesterday but didn't think it was nice enough:

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - Fabrice - 04-30-2017

Looks, sounds awesome!
Wish I could drive mine too, but my leaky Holley (again) said otherwise Sad

[dutch] Kom je wel eens bij TMCN meetings? [end dutch]

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - mudbilly - 04-30-2017

I really like that color scheme and overall looks .  thumb

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - Austin Vert - 04-30-2017

Hi Vinnie,

Thanks ever so much for presenting your '73 Grandé walk around and sharing with us.

Your car looks very sharp with the white/ black combination. I think the black roof sets the car off nicely, compliments it, and gives it a great sporty look as well. thumb
Beautiful countryside too where you are. I am sure you would get plenty of looks and good feedback whenever you are out and about driving around.

Your Man Cave walk around  had a certain appeal as well, Tongue  given the fact that you don't have a lot of room to spare. I was a little worried that if you stayed any longer in there filming, you might have ended up accidentally gassing yourself. Big Grin

Thanks for sharing again Vinnie, and showing off your great '73 Grandé. Thankyouyellow

Greg. Smile

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - BeerDontCount - 04-30-2017

Your car looks great Vinnie!  Looks like you have some nice countryside as well.  Glad she's running better for you.


RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - jpaz - 04-30-2017

That's a cool ride you have there Vinnie!

RE: Walk-around of my '73 Grandé - mach71351c - 04-30-2017

Nice ride! I'm a fan. Here's my 71 I built when I was a kid.