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New user Missouri - forix33 - 04-23-2017

My dad and I bought this 72' Mach 1 about two years ago and we are just now getting around to really digging into working on it here recently.

The owner before us passed away mid restoration, had sandblasted and repainted the exterior and was turning two possibly three cars into one on this Mach 1. The interior is estimated 80% completely missing so its like putting together a jig saw puzzle where you don't know what the picture should be. 

The further we get into it the more we are discovering what is missing. I will most likely be asking tons of questions about other's interiors and scouring the classifieds during my stay. Anyway hope this is a satisfactory introduction.


RE: New user Missouri - luxstang - 04-23-2017

welcome from Luxembourg, Europe.
Nice project!

RE: New user Missouri - timsweet - 04-23-2017

Welcome from Tucson, AZ.   That great looking project!!!

RE: New user Missouri - will e - 04-23-2017

Well you came to the right place for help and answering questions. Aftermarket support for our years is lacking compared to the first and second generation but there is a good bit of interior parts available. We will help you out! It sure looks like a fun build. I am looking forward to watching he progress.

RE: New user Missouri - forix33 - 04-23-2017

Thank you all very much! This was the first night we brought it home I wish we had done a better job of recording our progress thus far but since we have both decided to buckle down on this I will try to be much better about that.

RE: New user Missouri - mach71351c - 04-23-2017

Welcome from San Diego. Congrats you found us!  Big Grin

RE: New user Missouri - BeerDontCount - 04-23-2017

Howdy and welcome from the Pacific Northwest. There is a ton of info in archived posts here, and when you can't find the info you need that way there are lots of experts here to help. Keep us posted with your progress.

New user Missouri - Vinnie - 04-24-2017

Welcome! Don't be afraid to ask anything :-)

RE: New user Missouri - JD79 - 04-24-2017

Welcome from the Netherlands. Nice project! Good luck with the restoration.

RE: New user Missouri - eddyw - 04-24-2017

welcome2  from Belgium.

Yep, this is the right place to ask help for advice and parts.

I bought a Mach 1 about 5 years ago in boxes and had that problem also " a lot of missing parts "... It's since 2016 back on the road with help from people on this forum.