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New Member - Mach_One - 03-16-2017

Hello All,

I have been lurking on the site a lot lately, so I thought I'd join in! 

I started out being a hard-core Ford guy in high-school in the 80's.  Then I started dating this pretty little gal, and she owned a Camaro.  So I hot-rodded her car too.  After that pretty little gal became my wife, we had put all the car stuff away to raise a family.  Now that our youngest daughter is a few months from moving out, we figured it's time to get the hot rods out again!! thumb

I had a friend that had a '73 Mach-1 in high school, and that silly car infected me with a love for the 71-73 Mustang.  I tried to buy myself a Mach 1 at least 3 different times in the past, but the deal always fell through for some reason. Shootself  I'm hoping that the 4th time will be a charm! 

I currently own a 2015 Camaro 2SS (love that car) and hopefully soon to own a J-Code '71 Mach 1.  We shall see!

Mach One

RE: New Member - 70sElvis - 03-16-2017

Welcome from Mississippi.

RE: New Member - JD79 - 03-16-2017

Welcome from the Netherlands!

RE: New Member - 73pony - 03-16-2017

Welcome from Iowa!

RE: New Member - Manu Mach1 - 03-16-2017

Welcome from France.

RE: New Member - will e - 03-16-2017

Howdy from Phoenix! Best of luck finding a Mustang!

RE: New Member - jbojo - 03-16-2017

Welcome from TriCities WA.

RE: New Member - mickus - 03-16-2017

Welcome from Perth, Australia thumb

Good luck with the hunt, let us know when you snag one!



RE: New Member - jpaz - 03-16-2017

Hello & Welcome from Michigan. I would love to have a J code.

RE: New Member - goodnigh - 03-16-2017

Welcome from northern California.

'71 M-code Grandé w/toploader