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Hello everyone - SLO-RIDE - 02-26-2017

The 1st car I had when I turned 16 was a 71 Sport Roof with a 302 3spd..........I was BAD! I'm 40+ years older now and I'm in the market to find a 71-73 Mach 1 with a standard trans. I found this group during a search and I was very happy to see the following and the great amount of knowledge here. I'm in central PA and would be willing to travel a little bit to get the right car. If you know of on for sale, give me a shout!  Thanks, Brian..........AKA SLO-RIDE

RE: Hello everyone - 73pony - 02-26-2017

Welcome from Iowa. Good luck with your search. Keep us posted.

RE: Hello everyone - timsweet - 02-26-2017

Welcome Brian. I hope you find a car....you can bet the folks on this list will let you know if one pops up!

Tucson, Az

RE: Hello everyone - OLE PONY - 02-26-2017

Welcome to the site from Virginia! Good luck with your search.

RE: Hello everyone - jbojo - 02-26-2017

Welcome from TriCities WA.

RE: Hello everyone - luxstang - 02-26-2017

Hi Brian, welcome from Luxembourg, Europe.

RE: Hello everyone - secluff - 02-26-2017

Hello from Mississippi. Glad you stopped by, liked what you saw, and decided to stay. Great group of folks here who love our 71-73  "Clydesdale" Mustangs. Lots of knowledge and experience here and all willing to share and help you with any questions you might have. Welcome aboard!

RE: Hello everyone - mach71351c - 02-27-2017

Welcome from San Diego.

Hello everyone - Vinnie - 02-27-2017

Welcome buddy! Good luck with your search :-)

RE: Hello everyone - Tegemus - 02-27-2017

Welcome from southern Ontario, Canada.
Slo-Ride is a great name choice. Reminds me of that fine old rocker by Foghat.