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Hello from Virginia - JohnnyJ - 02-19-2017

[attachment=4422Hello all, I just picked up a Wimbledon white 73 vert.  78k now 79k documented miles.  302, c4, 3.00 gears.
ps, pb with front discs.  power windows, non working ac.  needs new or repaired door panels and repaired or replaced seat upholstery.  Any direction on  those items would be great.  I did have an issue with the carb today, the linkage was locked up, I freed it up by opening the choke butterfly and jiggling things around,  the problem seems to be internal. I was thinking of ditching the carb and adding an edelbrock 500 and one of their intakes. again any input would be appreciated. 
I owned a 71 Mach 1 from 1977 till about 1983.  had a 302 with manual steering and power nothing. regarding the new car from what I had expected to what I found was that the car rides better and is more solid and planted feeling than I expected, it accelerates effortlessly.  It has a nicely done dual exhaust system with some sort of stainless bullet mufflers that have a pleasing sound.  something I didn't think about before hand was the amount of attention the car gets. After I thought about it, its only the second 73-73 vert that Ive ever seen.  The owner threw in a ram air hood already painted the correct color if I decide to go that way. Oh yea I didn't remember how low you sit and how huge the hood looks from the drivers seat, but that's all part of the fun

RE: Hello from Virginia - 73MustangCoupe - 02-19-2017

Welcome from NE Tennessee!  Nice looking car.

RE: Hello from Virginia - John J - 02-19-2017

Nice looking vert. Welcome from Michigan.

John J

RE: Hello from Virginia - will e - 02-19-2017

Howdy from Phoenix. That's a really nice looking car you have. Locked up linkage on the carb is no bueno. Personally I would go with a Holley but lots of folks like the Edelbrock as well.

RE: Hello from Virginia - 73pony - 02-19-2017

Welcome from Iowa. Nice ride!

Hello from Virginia - DK73 - 02-19-2017

Welcome from Denmark Northern Part of Europe Regards Lars DK73

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RE: Hello from Virginia - timsweet - 02-19-2017

Greetings from Tucson, Az!!!

Pretty car.

RE: Hello from Virginia - BeerDontCount - 02-20-2017

Howdy from Seattle. I like the white on white look. Nice find.


RE: Hello from Virginia - mach71351c - 02-20-2017

Welcome from San Diego.

RE: Hello from Virginia - Austin Vert - 02-20-2017

Hi from Brisbane, Australia.


Greg. Smile