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new with you - terrymach1sisco - 02-15-2017

hi everybody
i'm french guy, i was living in Canada for a long time, i have friends in California! i ride US antique cars for more than 30 years!
i own a 73 mach 1 and a 46 ford coupe deluxe

i've owned a lot of US cars

looking for different parts for my 73 mach 1
headlight bezel
the moldings above the doors
pillar molding at the rear of the 1/4 glass

thx so much
best regards to all

RE: new with you - droptop73 - 02-15-2017

Welcome from west Michigan!

RE: new with you - midlife - 02-15-2017

Welcome from Panama City, FL!

RE: new with you - 73pony - 02-15-2017

Welcome from Iowa.

new with you - Vinnie - 02-15-2017

Welcome from The Pays bas :-)

RE: new with you - will e - 02-15-2017

Hi from sunny Phoenix Arizona!

RE: new with you - timsweet - 02-15-2017

Welcome from Tucson, AZ.   Post up a pic of your 73 when you get time!!


RE: new with you - eddyw - 02-15-2017

welcome2   from Belgium

RE: new with you - computercarguy - 02-15-2017

Welcome!  Wavemulticolor

RE: new with you - Bru - 02-15-2017

Hello and Welcome from NorCal