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The UnMustang - tony-muscle - 01-24-2017

I have this poster that shows 50 years of mustangs. I keep looking at this model from 1975 and it looks so not a Mustang, just ugly. Never seen one in person, but in this sketch it resembles a smaller version of a Monte Carlo. I want to hear your thoughts.

RE: The UnMustang - basstrix - 01-24-2017

I have seen them in person...definitely not my thing.

RE: The UnMustang - turtle5353 - 01-24-2017

That one in your pic looks like the front proportions are way off! He's my nephews mustang II. Soon to have the 88 turbo coupe motor in !

[Image: 2q8yro9.jpg]

RE: The UnMustang - tony-muscle - 01-24-2017

turtle5353;289138 Wrote:That one in your pic looks like the front proportions are way off! He's my nephews mustang II. Soon to have the 88 turbo coupe motor in !

That one in your picture looks much better. But they don't seem to be the same cars. The Guia in the sketch has that vinyl 1/4 top and a smaller more vertical side window in the rear. It also has the ornament on the front of the hood, which may have been another option. My picture of the sketch is taken at an angle which is exaggerating the front end.

RE: The UnMustang - Mister 4x4 - 01-24-2017

My Mom had a '75 "Mach 1" hatchback, and it was actually a pretty cool car. thumb

Of course, I was 10 and didn't know any better. rofl

RE: The UnMustang - secluff - 01-24-2017

I generally like all year Mustangs. Like others, I have my favorites, but am not a hater like the general population 65-70 owners can be. Got to remember that the "Haters" like to group our 71-73's with the 74-78 Mustang II"s as their favorite cars to hate!
This car really was the right car at the right time. In 74 the price of crude had tripled overnight, emission standards were getting stricter, insurance for performance cars were soaring out of sight, and the new word for the day which replaced "Performance" was "Economy". Everyone now wanted smaller cars with fuel mileage as longer and longer lines formed at gas stations and gas prices continued to change by the hour!
The hood ornament and padded roof (which gave it the Opera window look-remember those?) were standard items for the Ghia. The coupe was not my favorite model but I did like the Hatchback/Sports roof much better. I had actually toyed with the ideal of ordering a Mach1 or Cobra version of one of these cars. Of course when my group of racing buddies (mostly 429 cars) caught wind of this, you know what I caught. These fellows had given me honorary membership because of my 429 Gran Torino, but were the same one's that also asked me when I was going to get a real Mustang when ever I drove my 71 Mach1!
The Mustang II also did it's part in enabling Ford to be the only manufacture to claim continuous "Pony" car production from day one to the present. From the 70's forward all "Others" fell by the wayside!!
The pictures I've posted represent the three models I was considering. By the way, the King Cobra was the first model to ever display the 5 Litre designation for the 302!

RE: The UnMustang - tony-muscle - 01-24-2017

To clarify, my comment is about the specific Ghia style in the sketch. I dont hate the IIs.
I also like the Cobra version of the II.

1971 M-code Mach 1

RE: The UnMustang - turtle5353 - 01-24-2017

I believe the ghia was just a trim package. It would be the same base as the car I posted above. The ghia just had a lot of " bling"

RE: The UnMustang - mach71351c - 01-24-2017

The Ghia is the Grandé version of the Mustang II. I had a 75 V8 Ghia and the interior was as luxury as a 75 Thunderbird.

RE: The UnMustang - BeerDontCount - 01-25-2017

Not to be a hater, but its a damn Pinto. These were not great cars for their time as Ford tried in vain to transition to higher mileage vehicles without putting in the time to design them for performance. They didn't handle especially well, lacked power, and worst of all looked like a Pinto. I hate to talk bad about the Mustang lineage, but this wasn't their best effort.