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Convert' lovers only! - waterlife - 12-07-2016


RE: Convert' lovers only! - Mikes73 - 12-07-2016

Not trying to be mean but that car would have been perfect for "pimp my ride".

RE: Convert' lovers only! - 72MustangSprint - 12-07-2016

so its orig red/orange with blue interior?

RE: Convert' lovers only! - midlife - 12-07-2016

Calling David: time to stop your meds! This one is for you! It has your name on it, yessiree!

RE: Convert' lovers only! - 71 gbvert - 12-07-2016

Blue and orange - I know a few Chicago Bears fans that might want that!

RE: Convert' lovers only! - cudak888 - 12-08-2016

Jesus. Why is it that all of these coachbuilt convertibles - which are usually built to a standard that is equal if not lower than that of the average crap bodyshop - are always priced 10 times over what they are worth, regardless of condition?

Given some of the bodywork hijinks we usually get involved in, it'd be easier for some to take a sawzall to a hardtop in better shape, source the same convertible top frame as originally used by the conversion company, and weld it all up ourselves to a hgher standard than fool with a junker like this...if we wanted one.

The Lincolns and the Mercury pulled off the front end much better than the T-bird. Those single headlights look like something from Les Dunham no matter HOW you dress down one of these things.


RE: Convert' lovers only! - Don C - 12-08-2016

It should have signs posted around that read:


RE: Convert' lovers only! - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 12-08-2016

midlife;284087 Wrote:Calling David: time to stop your meds! This one is for you! It has your name on it, yessiree!
Don't be mean it is close but not interested what a nightmare to restore.

RE: Convert' lovers only! - midlife - 12-08-2016

You're meds are truly working well this time! *G* If you truly had shown interest, there would be no hope of recovery. Glad you're still with us!