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New project for this winter. 71 Mach 1 - turtle5353 - 12-01-2016

Hey guys just wanted to start a thread on the new project for this winter. Had a guy drop off his 71 Mach 1 for some work. It's a very nice and original car that he got from his father when he passed. The car only has 46,000 miles on it and is very solid. Looks like the trunk took in some water over the years and it needs some work. Gonna be putting trunk pan in, drop offs, tail light panel, rear valance, some rear quarter panel work, and a new hood. I will be pretty much going over the whole car and getting it ready for him to cruise this summer. I will keep you guys updated as I go. He ordered the marti for it. And can't wait to see if we can find the build sheet in the car. This thing has never been apart so it should be in there. Well here's a couple of pics from tonight. Lots more to come in the next few months.
[Image: 2rqmzpx.jpg]
[Image: noebfo.jpg]
[Image: 2nkl91z.jpg]

RE: New project for this winter. - 73pony - 12-01-2016

Sharp car.

RE: New project for this winter. - 6972boss - 12-01-2016

Nice car! Take good care of it and the owner. Original owner cas are rare.

RE: New project for this winter. - mach71351c - 12-02-2016

Nice survivor. Look forwarded to the posts.

RE: New project for this winter. - Mikes73 - 12-02-2016

Looks like a nice project and a great starting point.

RE: New project for this winter. - luxstang - 12-02-2016

Nice! Dog dishes, trim rings, no stripes, no frills.

New project for this winter. - DK73 - 12-02-2016

Wow Big congratulation Regards Lars

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RE: New project for this winter. 71 Mach 1 - turtle5353 - 12-02-2016

Yeah guys its a pretty cool car. Very original. 1 owner. He even has the cancelled check from when his dad bought it new. Its a plain jane Mach with no stripes. but it does have the 351 2-v. 3 speed manual. A/C that works.

I think the first thing I'm going to get started on is stripping the back end to get started on the trunk pan and tail light panel. It has 2 good size holes in the bottom of the quarter panel. I was thinking of replacing the whole quarter panel, but the rest of it is in such good shape I would hate to replace the whole thing. I may just cut out the bad lower section and butt weld it back in. I will have access to the back side of the weld also, so when I'm done the repair should be invisible. We will see what it looks like once I start tearing into it for body work and paint. Hope to have it painted and done for spring.

One question I do have right off the bat. This car has the lower bright moldings. How are those attached? Clips? studs? acorn nuts? I haven't looked in my ford books yet just curious.
Thanks for the replies guys and im sure I will have lots of questions along the way! Stay tuned.

RE: New project for this winter. 71 Mach 1 - Boss1Ray - 12-02-2016

Very nice car! And I really like the correct no-stripe look for that car.

Can't remember how the lower body non side stripe Decor Group trim you mention is attached.


RE: New project for this winter. 71 Mach 1 - OMS - 12-02-2016

Kevin, the moldings are attached with the plastic snap on clips and the metal clip / studs with nuts. Section over the front valance has tabs between the fender and valance
It depends on the area
If Ford had access they used a nut
fenders ... nut
door has studs except on the end - one exposed nut
quarter panel nuts reached inside of the door jamb vent and inside of the trunk
11/32 nd size nuts