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Boss 351 For Sale - 1hotboss - 07-28-2016

Hi Everyone, I am listing my Boss 351 for sale. It was previously owned by Keith Craft who did the restoration. It has just over 20000 miles on the odometer and from the information I have gathered from Keith and the original owner it seems to be correct. The car has all the hard to find parts and is a matching numbers car. The did have some rear tail light panel work done by Keith using the original metal on the car. The car runs well as it should. If you would like further information please send a message. I will send pics and video to interested parties.

I am located in Belle River Ontario Canada just across the border from Detroit Michigan.

I am asking 45K usd. I am pretty firm on this price with a little wiggle room depending on the offer.

I have listed the car previously but now I am listing it because I have another car I would like to purchase.

Thank you for the space


RE: Boss 351 For Sale - Boss1Ray - 07-28-2016

Pics or links to pics????


RE: Boss 351 For Sale - shelbygt500 - 05-15-2017


Is this car still for sale?