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VIP Member Upgrades! - rocketfoot - 07-21-2016

Just a reminder to all the new members and seasoned forum veterans...we have VIP Member Upgrades available for small donations! These upgrades get you extra upload space for photos and files, extra PM storage space so you don't have to delete your messages as often and a new profile badge so everyone knows that you help support the forums as well as the Mustang hobby! You can also request a custom made signature banner at no charge!! Packages start at just $25! All VIP ranks are lifetime memberships with no reoccurring fees!

If you decide to go become a Benefactor, you get unlimited upload space and PM storage! It's the perfect plan for an avid forum user!

Your donations help to cover the increasing costs of quality forum hosting, domain fee's and the endless cost of back ups and security patches! We are hosted on a dedicated server maintained at a high level data center and prices are not cheap. But we are able to maintain a 99.9% uptime number with excellent speed and that is what I demand for this forum! There are cheaper servers out there but you get what you pay for!

In the past, we were able to cover a decent percent of the fees with donations and VIP upgrades but other sources like Facebook and Instagram are really taking a toll on forum usage as well as donations. We are in NO DANGER of downgrading servers or closing the doors, but as always, I just wanted to remind everyone that I really appreciate every dollar generously donated and I am often humbled by the amount of support we get here! Donations just help to take some of the burden off of my shoulders.

At the end of the day, I am just happy to be able to provide a great place for Mustang fans to hang out, get important information and to talk about 71-73 Mustangs!

If anyone wants to go for a VIP upgrade or Site Supporter upgrade...here is the donation page address:


Thanks and keep those 'Stangs Rolling!!