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Just a note about donations and membership - rocketfoot - 04-28-2016

Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop a note here about forum membership, donations and VIP Accounts. Some of you became offended by the recent removal of the edit button. We originally removed it from the general membership but not to make it a perk for VIP members...it was just the easiest way to control access due to the larger amount of general members and was never considered to become a perk for VIP members.

The main problem with the edit button is that anyone can go back and edit out important information from their own posts which affects the forum's archives and thread continuity. We like to think of this forum as an archive of information that will help 71-73 Mustang fans for years to come...but when information can be deleted by someone that had a bad day or was offended by something, it is hard to replace! However, we also see the need for the edit button so members can fix typos, update info and much, much more.

After much discussion, the staff has agreed to replace the edit button for all members but we would like to ask that you don't delete any useful information about 71-73 Mustangs that you may have posted and continue to post detailed info that will help us to continue to build the world's best online 71-73 Mustang Resource!!

These website pages will be available at no cost for generations to come and we will never be a paid site! VIP memberships are available for those that wish to help support the forums and several small perks are offered to donators, but primary forum functions will always be available to members at no cost!! We certainly appreciate ALL donations and encourage everyone to become a VIP member but it is purely optional.

If you would like to become a VIP Member, be sure to visit our donation page at the link below but again, it is completely optional! Donations are used to help support the server and hosting costs as well as domain fees and software maintenance.


Thanks you to everyone reading this post - regular members and VIP's alike! You guys are the ones that really make this a great site and a world class 71-73 Mustang resource!! Bravo Thankyouyellow

RE: Just a note about donations and membership - OLE PONY - 04-28-2016

Well said!