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New Moderator/Technical Advisor - rocketfoot - 08-25-2010

As most have already seen, 72HCODE is a walking encyclopedia of 71-73 info! So we have added him to the 7173Mustangs Staff as a Super Mod/Technical Advisor! Just a little way to help thank him for the priceless information that he has been supplying to our forum pages! Cool

RE: New Moderator/Technical Advisor - cobra3073 - 08-25-2010


72HCODE's demonstrated detailed responses to members' inquiries and willingness to provide same in a clear level-headed manner validates this decision as extremely positive.

I know 72HCODE continued presence on the different forums will undoubtedly be of immense value as the site continues to grow.


RE: New Moderator/Technical Advisor - 72fastback - 08-25-2010

awsome.nice to see this site coming into it's own so quick.

RE: New Moderator/Technical Advisor - 73vertproject - 08-25-2010

I agree 1000%. I learn a LOT from just about every post, sometimes more from some than from others, but when I read 72HCode's posts, it's like reading a step by step, easily understood explanation of exactly how to perform the procedure from someone who not only has done it successfully, but who also remembers the pitfalls and tricks, AND EVEN TOOK PICTURES to show others exactly what he's talking about.

I expect he'll be placed on the salary schedule commensurate with his experience and type of 'stang he owns. Smile


RE: New Moderator/Technical Advisor - Mister 4x4 - 08-27-2010

No arguments here - good call, R'foot. Big Grin