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Mustang guys at work - Don65Stang - 03-28-2011

I had a really cool surprise this morning on my desk when I got to work. My boss (2 levels up the food chain) left a copy of Mustang Magazine on my desk that has a 71 Mach 1 429 on the cover. This is the second time he's left something Mach1 related on my desk since buying my 71 last month. Big Grin

I've never seen or heard of this magazine before...looks like a good one; I think I'll subscribe to it.

BTW my boss has a '70 sportsroof that he's had since high school and currently drives a 2010 GT/CS. Cool


RE: Mustang guys at work - c9zx - 03-28-2011

Passion for great cars cross all borders.


RE: Mustang guys at work - Widowmaker00 - 03-28-2011

c9zx;17057 Wrote:Passion for great cars cross all borders.


Yup sure do.