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Bringing Home the Grandé - Steven Harris - 03-04-2011

This past Tuesday I drove up to Phoenix to pick up the second part of my purchase from last month - the 1971 Grandé. I had not really given the car much of a look last month because of time limits and I was buying the Mach 1 regardless of the Grandé because the Mach 1 was in such great shape. Anyway, Tuesday I picked up the Grandé and took it back to south of Tucson to store with the Mach 1. It is a perfect parts car for the Mach 1 as it has all the pieces that I am missing on the Mach 1 but it has serious rust issues. It takes a good picture though. Now for a few days in the future to put into putting the parts on to the Mach 1.

RE: Bringing Home the Grandé - Shannon Edgmon - 03-04-2011

Wow excellent I love my Mach 1 (71) "Madam Blue" is fun and I never thought about buying one for parts but mine is mostley interior now new side panels some insulation behind back seats an new window sealing all the way around...thanks for sharing

RE: Bringing Home the Grandé - rocketfoot - 03-04-2011

Nice score! The Grandé looks restorable! (You could always have two Stangs in your stable!) LOL

RE: Bringing Home the Grandé - cobra3073 - 03-04-2011

I agree with Rocketfoot, that Grandé is certainly restorable. Like him, I have both a '73 Mach 1 and a '73 Grandé. They seem to sleep better when you have two in the garageSmile.

That having been said, it would appear that you made a really nice score whether you utilize the Grandé for parts or decide to restore it.


RE: Bringing Home the Grandé - Steven Harris - 03-04-2011

Yes, well like I said it takes a great picture. I was hoping for restorable and maybe if it was a Mach and definitely if it had that ellusive letter "R" or even a family heritage - possibly. Cost effective - no. I need the driveline accessory parts for the Mach 1 which will leave just a rusted shell. Still ... two would be, well .. Grandé!