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1973 "Pro-Touring" project - Creator - protouringstang73 - 01-04-2014

Hello guys!

I want to show what I am working on here in Denmark, this is a tread about how this 1973 mustang comes a live again.

My plan is to clean the body up, and do a lot of modifications to the body. The paint on this car will be awesome.

My plan is to upgrade the suspension with some good stuff and the steeringbox with new gear ratio and put some big brakes on it to. It's just about getting that modern feeling when you drive it. I want to add bigger wheels and tires too.

Engine and transmission will also be upgraded, maybe with a T5 transmission and a pumped 351W.

I think I will be working on this project for the next 2-3 years to have it on the road again.

But follow the tread and look at the pictures, it will explain everything you need to know.. Smile Please ask if you have any questions!

Best regards from Denmark.. Smile

The first thing I am working on is the rear end.. I will make my own rear corners so I can weld them into the body, to get it clean. The bumper will also be cleaned up, I'm closing the old holes from the bolts, and getting it closer to the body. The taillights will de bigger than the originals. Emblem holes will be closed and holes from the taillight panel.

New pictures will come soon Smile Hope you like it

1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - luxstang - 01-04-2014

Oh, this is gonna be good. I like that worked in rear bumper idea. Lets see how it progresses. Smile

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - protouringstang73 - 01-04-2014

I hope so :-D It's good to hear, my idea was to do something new, instead of keeping the corners on the rear bumper like every one else does :-)

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - jbojo - 01-04-2014

Looking really good. Can't wait to see the rear completed. Keep the updates coming.

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - sm3570 - 01-04-2014

Oh yes, I can't wait! I had all my badge holes, taillight panel holes, and the antenna opening welded up as well. I like the clean look.

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - protouringstang73 - 01-04-2014

Me neither.. I really hope this is turning out in something really awesome.. :-)

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - droptop73 - 01-04-2014

It looks like some real cool mods going on there.

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - mach71351c - 01-05-2014

Very cool,keep the pics coming.

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - protouringstang73 - 01-05-2014

Thank you all.. I'll try keep the pics coming :-)

RE: 1973 Pro-Touring project ''Creator'' - caspianwendell - 01-05-2014

luxstang;160362 Wrote:Oh, this is gonna be good. I like that worked in rear bumper idea. Lets see how it progresses. Smile

+1...this is going to be interesting