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RE: Who do you know? - MotoArts - 05-07-2013

I feel privileged to have met the legend, Barry "Rocketfoot".

RE: Who do you know? - WILLIAMPARDELL - 05-08-2013

i know
pony pastor , kat 29, and mike adams bunch of others that i have talked to but never met anyone from chicago area lets meet at a cruise nite this summer

RE: Who do you know? - Totalled - 05-08-2013

I know Jim and Jutta, and met rvrtrash and Don65stang at Jim and Jutta's house.

RE: Who do you know? - luxstang - 05-08-2013

and the one and only

Hassled all of them at their homes until they let me in. :-)
But I guess that´s common knowledge on the forum as it was a big feature story at the time. :-)

I was supposed to meet Tim (Ponypastor) in February but we had some communication issues once I was in FL so we could not arrange it. Next time we´ll take care of that.

RE: Who do you know? - TommyK - 05-08-2013


RE: Who do you know? - mach71351c - 05-09-2013

I have met, fastE,luxstang,stangace20,Gibsonjunk,Wolverine,Blueoval71,69Rustang,stangerpunk72,raula.Cool

RE: Who do you know? - Don65Stang - 05-09-2013

It appears that Pastor Tim has a big fan base. Wink

RE: Who do you know? - ponypastor - 05-09-2013

Don: Thanks for the question you've posed about who has met whom. Friendships based upon the common interest in either cars, hobbies, etc., generally remain somewhat surface oriented. But the guys and gals in this forum seem different and more inclined to go beneath the surface to find common values and priorities. Each member I've met seems genuine and special. I guess it doesn't hurt that I am in FL.

Please forgive, though, if my schedule has been the cause for a hook-up to fail. In addition to Pastoring full-time (my 23rd year at current church), I also oversee a weekly ministry to jailed juvenile delinquents (just boys who have gotten themselves into trouble) ages 14-17 for the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Then I also teach NT Greek for Dallas Theological Seminary in the Tampa area. So, my schedule, especially weekends, is packed, but I love the challenges it brings. Mustangs get pushed onto the back burner and sometimes off the stove completely frequently, alas.

In addition to the guys mentioned earlier on this thread, I've met Tavie Law (formerly of Tampa, now in NC, 1972 Q Code) and Wayde (don't know his 'handle', 1971 H Code with added quench heads), also from Tampa.
Thanks, Pastor Tim, St. Petersburg, FL

RE: Who do you know? - imusa76 - 05-09-2013

if amyone comes up to Southern New Emgland I would like to meet up!!.

RE: Who do you know? - turtle5353 - 05-09-2013

I met up with MikePasquale last summer. We both cruised our cars to a big car show and hung out for the day.