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RE: Who have you met? - Tnfastbk - 09-05-2018

(09-04-2018, 08:57 PM)jpaz Wrote: That’s really cool that we try to meet some of us.
At the Woodward Dream Cruise this year I saw TNFastback Cruisin up the boulevard and I ran, wait hobbled up to say hay!
So, ya Tn, I’m the one you saw and said I knew you from the 71-73 site. I wish I could have taken a pic of your nice ride, but I didn’t have my phone with me then.
Here’s a couple pics from there
[Image: 42_A61518_ADBE_49_E9_99_EC_B33_B0_AB5_BFAD.jpg]

[Image: 7_FB9_E0_A1_039_B_4_F3_B_BAF3_59_F29_D5493_E4.jpg]

[Image: EC21_A4_C8_4024_42_CF_ADD6_44_D85_C55_E163.jpg]

Hey man sorry I did not have more time to stop but I was actually with the two 69 camaros that were in front of me. Well at that time I might have been between them, I can't remember. We had an interesting day to say the least. As soon as I rolled into town one of the flapper valves broke on my header cutouts LOL. Some nice folks in Ferndale helped us out withe a driveway and ramps. We had driven up from Lima Ohio and returned about ten that night. It turned in to along day.

Who have you met? - John Cook - 01-25-2020

Don't guess I met anyone yet. I'm here in Houston Tx. My wife and I were members of the Nifty Fiftys car club with a 28 model A that rod that I built. But I get board easy and wanted to move on to the next one. Sold it and bought a 73 Jeep CJ6 and my wife hated it. "too tall" sold it, and asked her what are wanted to build next. Before I even finished asking, she said "I want a Mach 1!".    Great,       I didn't think they made a car that rusted faster around the gulf coast. Took 6 mo. To find a plain unmolested mustang. The guy We bought it from took the completely apart to put floor pans in, then figured out he did not know what what he was doing. He put the car in storage for 15 yrs. We got the car in totes. "Won't do that again" The car is not a Mach1. So I didn't feel bad about customizing it. I had an old  Model A hood , and I found the 12 inch louvers  fit nicely on eather side of of the otherwise plain. Hood.  5 yrs later I have built a nice little 302\C4 automatic mustang with factory air, ps, and pb. I am a paint and body tech for a local r.v. shop. I have ran the paint shop for  the past 21 yrs. Just started painting the jambs with the custom dark pearl blue. And the car will have charcoal stripes with black cherry accent stripes that will pay respect to the 71 Mach1 stripes. When I built the rearend, I painted it charcoal with a black cherry vector graphic of a horse on the back. Sprayed the entire bottom of the car with lizzard skin inside and out.[Image: 1579991756649-335914323.jpg]

[Image: 15799917945261474417907.jpg]

RE: Who have you met? - Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs - 01-26-2020

Looks like some great custom work.