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RE: Megasquirt 2 v3 on 351c - downwardspiral - 06-17-2011

I added a bunch of screenshots to post 34, enjoy!

RE: Megasquirt 2 v3 on 351c - homelessmexican - 06-18-2011

ok that sir is bad ass. i have wanted to to fule injection for a while but i havent seen it on a cleveland till now, yes please keep us updated on this i might have to look in fule injection in the near future. ya those ausie heads are the one i put on, Thanks man lookin great!

RE: Megasquirt 2 v3 on 351c - RollTideMach - 06-21-2011

My one experience with mega squirt was terrible. It was on a 60s malibu with a LT1 from a corvette. That thing was a nightmare. It sounds like yours is working out much better. I have thought about getting the edelbrock fuel injection setup for my 408W but i think i will just go with an 850 double pumper. This is an awesome thread, cant wait to see the first drive once all the bugs are worked out.