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72 Mustang Coupe - rutkak - 03-11-2013

72 Coupe, Medium Brown Metallic w/Ginger Interior
+Original I6 to 1966 289 C Code w/Autolite 2100 1.23V (350cfm)
+Original C4
+3.25 TRACLOC g/r
+Magnum 500s from a 72 Torino
+Mach 1 full length console ginger
+100A Alternator
+Pertronix Flamethrower II Billet Dizzy
+Custom radiator (289s & 302s have different side water ports)
+Electric fan (3000 cfm - hence the 100A Alternator)
+Grant steering wheel
+CustomAudio radio
+Modern 3 Point Seat Belt
+New carpet, steering components...typical wear and tear

Car History: Basically a 1 owner car before me. The car was purchased new by a Marine Corps Officer and he owned it until well after retirement. It looks to have been very well maintained for at least a solid 20-25 years to include a new paint job (same color as original) about 15 or so years ago. The car is actually as rust free as a 40+ year old car can be - it was always garage kept, the vinyl top is original without the typical rust peeking out from underneath and it's an Alabama car. As the story goes, I bought the car from the original owner's daughter and son-in-law. Sadly, the original owner had gone senile and was put in an old folk's home. His daughter and son-in-law had the car for 10 months and when I met them they were living in an apartment complex with 2 very young kids. When I asked why the son-in-law was selling it, he said "I need a mini-van, that's where I am at in life." As he said it, a 2 yr came crawling across the floor. The car had a 250 engine with basically every component being original...sort of like a time capsule but definitely needed a thorough cleaning, tuning and new steering components. That day, I drove the car home 180 miles from Birmingham, AL to Columbus, GA. Over the next few months I tinkered - Magnum 500s, odds and ends like new bumpers, radio, tie rods, ball joints, pittman/idler arms, gauges, modern seatbelts, and eventually I cleaned up the floorboards & trunk and put in new carpet. Upon my next job back in Fayetteville, NC there were several classic car owners in my new job so I picked their brain, bounced off ideas and bought a donor 66 Galaxie 500 with a 289 C Code engine. The car was shot, but the engine was decent. I wanted a 302 but the high compression 289 with rolling engine stand (aka Galaxie) was what I needed at the time. We did an engine swap and from there I started getting much deeper into the mechanics of owning a classic car.
Funny thing is...3-4 years ago I paid people to install a new carb and distributor. Now, pulling the engine to swap a flexplate, drop oil pan, install intake manifold gaskets is a 2-3 hour 1-man show. Amazing how much I paid for what I now do a few mins time.

RE: 72 Mustang Coupe - droptop73 - 03-11-2013

Nice car!

RE: 72 Mustang Coupe - pentaflex - 03-11-2013

Yes, nice car! Definitely like the color! Wink

RE: 72 Mustang Coupe - caspianwendell - 03-11-2013

Good looking car