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Welcome from Columbia, Missouri
Author Message

One of the Regulars

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    Post: #1
    Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

    Hey Guys!

    Glad to have found you. Nice to see some others who value the big bodies as much as I do. As you can see from my avatar, I have been a big body guy since the 80's (purchased in 1980 and sold in 83) and now recently (6 weeks ago) I was able to complete my search for another '72 Fastback. This one has Mach badging so I am converting it to a full Mach. It has a 351C 2Vwith long tube headers, and decent exhaust. The big selling point for me was body was nearly rust free, normally hard to find here in Missouri. Since I knew this would be a "project", I also have a 2006 GT Coupe in Screaming Yellow with blackout hood, deluxe Interior, classic rear spoiler, and DD chrome bullits. This has been my "car show car" for the last 4 years and I am past VP of our local Mustang club, currently webmaster.

    As one gentleman stated, I also am afflicted with CMD and have YMF (Yellow Mustang Fever) as well. I am posting some pics of both my babies for your viewing.


    The '72 is going to be a long process as it was originally a brown fastback with brown interior. When it was painted yellow/black, they dyed the interior to Ginger. I have chosen to convert it to black and am in process of strip down and do a quick dye job, and will change out with true black interior as I go along (and funds become available). Here is a shot of the lady at our Club annual car show last month. I consider this a "as found" picture:


    Here are some pics of both "ladies". Hope you all like, and pardon for posting a "new" pony on the site.


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      Post: #2
      RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

      Welcome to the group, John. Thanks for posting pics with your intro, as well as some bio info.

      I doubt anyone here will take offense at '06 sitting next to your new Mach project - the '72 makes up for it, IMHO. Smile

      Keep us posted about your progress.

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        Post: #3
        RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

        Welcome to the forums! Glad you found us! Those are 2 beautiful Mustangs but then again I am partial to yellow!

        Glad to have you aboard!
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        Irwin, PA
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          Post: #4
          RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

          Welcome aboard!
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          One Too Many

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          Selma Al
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            RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

            Nice Mustangs Welcome!
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            Call Me a Cab

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              Post: #6
              RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

              WELCOME aboard, John!

              ...and I, too, love your choice of "color" for your "projects." They are both very nice, indeed.

              I think you will love it here and look forward to interacting with you on the different forums.

              Again, WELCOME!

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              Central Iowa
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                Post: #7
                RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

                I love the matching set! It's great to see another Midwesterner on the site!
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                I'll Lock Up

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                  Post: #8
                  RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

                  What??? This place is being overrun by yellow Mustangs. Ain't it COOL!!
                  Welcome aboard
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                  Junior Member

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                  Jeannette Pa
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                    Post: #9
                    RE: Welcome from Columbia, Missouri

                    Those are some very very nice looking stangs.
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