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Resto plan
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    Resto plan

    Going back to writing a plan on my restoration. I got away from it because of the engine failure and big budget jump. I started to jump all over the car and starting but never completing a task. Back to one concern and sticking with it till complete.

    Aldee... Nickname my step sons gave me Alan or Daddy so they combined it.

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    I'll Lock Up

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      RE: Resto plan

      I know exactly what you mean. Guess that's why mine is in a 1001 pieces.
      O'well one day.
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        RE: Resto plan

        i had a plan, then i had another plan, and another and another. Every time you hit a major issue that will crop up the plan will change.

        remember to be as flexible as possible. remember take little steps. when you come up against a wall on something turn your attention to something else then come back to the original problem.

        now that the engine is out the car is an open book, take note of what you see that needs replacement and remember what is underneath it might be bad also.

        I look at it like Tom Hanks in the money pit; It will be great once you peel the rind off it. Mine was more an Onion then an Orange with lots of rind layers.

        another friend of mine looked at it as "enjoy the ride not the destination" the only problem with that is 15 hours in the car driving to the destination makes your butt sore.
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        Mister 4x4

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          RE: Resto plan

          I've tried to come up with a plan since I bought the car, but there are so many areas that need attention, it's tough to pick a place to start. It sucks, but I think the only 'good' parts on my car is pretty much the glass

          I was going to pull the engine and tranny, then start on getting the floors and trunk sheet metal replaced, then work on the front end (frame, suspension, sheet metal) before the engine was finished, then rebuild the suspension, then the rear axle, then brakes, then the rest of the body work, paint it, then the interior, and then finally drop the engine and tranny back back in.

          But, I'm thinking now about holding off on the body work and paint until after pretty much everything else except the interior is done, paint it, and then do the interior last. My pal Jim suggested that because I won't run as much risk of messing up the paint while putting the engine and tranny back in.

          I don't know - I think that with the engine out, I need to get busy on the front-end before I can even get the engine and tranny ready to go back in (so I only have to mess with that area once, as it were).
          Online 10-07-2010 10:08 PM
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            Post: #5
            RE: Resto plan

            Body and paint first then drive train suspension. I would like to be in paint both end of summer.
            Offline 12-10-2010 12:27 AM
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            Maiden Dearborn

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              RE: Resto plan

              My first step was to focus on what the most important thing in the garage was. I had furniture that I was going to restore, I had stuff waiting for charity, I had stuff that needed to go somewhere else....then I finally saw a hoarding episode. The focus was to identify what the most important thing in the room.

              I finally made up my mind and said it was the 'stang. The next day, everything else went away and I started on the one thing that needed my attention.

              I started at the back and am moving forward from the bottom to the top...

              Love the garage shot. Really like the fan in the window to such the bad air out.
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